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Here at D&K Performance Remapping we are a fully mobile service.we offer a wide range of services at your doorstep or place of work our products and equipment are of the very best standards 
Our company is based in chorley we cover the whole of the North West Chorley,wigan,Preston,Lancaster,Blackpool,Blackburn,Liverpool,Manchester,Bradford and more 

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D&K Performance Remapping wants to keep your vehicle operating at its optimum level. Our certified experts are dedicated to bringing you the best performance solutions. No problem is too big or too small for us to handle. See the list of services we offer below.



From £180

All of our maps are custom tuned to each vehicle unlock your vehicle full potential and better fuel economy all maps come with Lifetime Software warranty 
We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve maximum power whilst maintaining optimum reliability.



From £60

When it comes to Diagnostic Test, you should settle for nothing but the best. We will quickly diagnose and pinpoint solutions to any existing problem, so you can save time and money.



From £180

Dpf cleaning involves a 3 stage process 

Stage 1 removing the soot/carbon 

Stage 2 rinsing the dpf of soot/carbon 

Stage 3 dpf regeneration removing any soot/carbon what as been left behind 

We only use the very best chemicals to clean the blocked dpf this process take up to 2 hours to complete 



From £79

We offer only the best hho engine carbon clean after the cleaning process you will notice the engine noise will quieten down, more BHP, better throttle response and overall cleaner engine. This is all because the hydrogen has cleaned in internals so the engine can breathe better and perform as it should.Does bikes/cars/vans/wagons/marine/plant 



From £40

We offer only the best for a small cost Checking for any vacuum leaks,injector leaks and more Basically checking the complete engine for any leaks 

We do it all at Darren Fenn TA D&K Performance Remapping. Contact us to find out about our competitive prices.

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Fair Prices, Guaranteed

Call/message Darren and get a free quote and your vehicle bhp gains 

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

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Visit Us

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 6:00pm

8:30am – 5pm

Sunday – 10am -4pm

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As a full-service Car Tune Up Service, D&K Performance Remapping has all your needs covered. Get in touch with us today with any questions.



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 I confirm that my vehicle has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation including relevant cambelt changes/ timing chain maintenance and that the vehicle is in FULL and TOTAL road worthy condition.I am therefore happy to allow my vehicle to be tuned at my own personal risk and  absolving D&K Performance Remapping of any responsibility should any failure occur. Is includes remaps only. D&K Performance Remapping offer a lifetime warranty on engine ecu software only. All engine and gear box maps are tested to the highest standards and are very reliable. However, engine parts that are subject to wear may be prone to failure after tuning.Common failures are clutch, DPF, turbo, coil packs, egr valve and maf sensor. These are all serviceable items that would usually require replacement as part of good maintenance. D&k Performance Remapping do not accept liability for any mechanical parts failure before, whilst and after performance tuning and we do not offer any types of warranty for your modified vehicle.Dpf solution is for off road use only.ecu may fail or go down during the tuning process, this sometimes can be unavoidable, and in some cases an ecu may have to be replaced at the customers cost, we want all customers to know that this is a risk from tuning any car.We expect that vehicles are in good working mechanical order without error codes stored in the ecu that will affect the results of the remap. If we find such problems, we will advise that the problem is fixed before a remap. It is your responsibility to know what state of tune your vehicle is in prior to your visit. If we find your vehicle has already had a remap, you will still be charged a programming fee (min £50) We always try to first use the easiest, least obtrusive and least detectable method to tune your vehicle but in some instances, we may have to remove and open your ecu.Customers are aware that D&K Performance Remapping does NOT know your vehicle, (wear and tear etc) or how it has been maintained (serviced regularly, health checked regularly) We are therefore unaware of any issues not reported on pre health check. It is therefore the customers responsibility to accept any damage to all serviceable parts before, during or after a remap is complete This includes clutch, dpf, turbos, egr valve, maf sensors, injectors etc.D&k performance remapping does NOT recommend pop and bang or hardcut on any car, these can cause damage to a car’s engine and will only be added to a customer’s car at their request at the customer’s own risk.The customer must report any issues they develop within 7 days of the work being carried out and will refrain from slanderous activity on or off social media without the sufficient evidence to back up any claims that our software has caused such problems. The customer accepts that if this is not adhered to, d&k performance remapping have the right to seek legal action. WarrantyHere at D&k Performance Remapping we offer a lifetime warranty on all our software, any problems at all we will run a full diagnostic scan and adjust the file if needed free of charge. DPF cleaning comes with no the problem originates upstream of the DPF.Soot levels will be checked before and after the cleaningprocess Please noteThe warranty is with the car and doesn’t move on to a new owner if the car is sold. A receipt must be shown as proof of purchase, or you may be charged.If the diagnostic brings up a problem which isn’t map related and unable to tune the vehicle you would be charged £50 diagnostic fee. If the car is taken to another tuner or garage this will void all warranty with us, as our software may have been tampered with.                                                        Money back guarantee: We will offer a full refund only if there is a fault with your software and this can’t be corrected. The car must come back to us and we must be given the opportunity to correct any faults or put the car back to stock before money is given back. We will not offer money back if your car has occurred a fault not due to our software.

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